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Mo’s Cartoons & Comical Hotel Experiences

*Life literally abounds in comedy if you just look around you  ~ Mel Brooks* In the first year owning the Motel, we left the “Vacancy” sign on, and allowed people to door-bell us out of bed. (Thank Goodness for Online Reservations! lol) We had no idea that when we bought the Northern Lights Motel, that we were expected to become the Northern Lights viewing experts? (We believe this stems from Googling the “Northern Lights” and our Motel comes up.) Of course I had to draw Continue reading →

Wawa Snow Gauge (Feb -April)

Oh Oh… Somebody is drinking the Snow Gauge! LOL!! Going…. Going…  Gone!   There were a THOUSAND birds in the backyard, so I recorded them. (It was CRAZY!)  Enjoy! March 26, 2018 – We are in a Snowfall Warning for tonight.   March 24 – A Red Breasted Nuthatch posing for a photo. Waiting for her peanut. It’s so cold, even the little Redpolls look like Snowballs!! LOL March 20 – It’s -19 C (-2 F) Brrrrrrrrrr I’m not one for just photographing snow. Check Continue reading →

Mo’s Photos & Wawa Snow Gauge (Dec 1 – January 31)

  Still 2 Cases buried in Wawa, with amazing Trails to ride! I did a search for January 20’s, and a few old photos came up. January 24, 2013 Canyon Cam – Today’s Bird Pic – A beautiful Male Pine Grosbeak. He’ll make a great puzzle on Jigidi.com! January 12, 2018 – We got tons of snow yesterday, but it very windy and blew away from the Snow Gauge. I tried to fill it in a bit.  Jan 11 – 3 PM Snow Snow Snow!  Continue reading →

Lake Superior Photos

Most of my photos end up on my Facebook Page, but when I started running the winter Snow Cam, I was making blog posts…. When we close the Motel for the Season, I LOVE driving to Sault Ste Marie to visit my wonderful family and friends. Driving through Lake Superior Park is a dream in summers. I try to swim in every bay possible. In Winters, it’s like driving through a beautiful Christmas Card. I always tell people about when I lived out West for Continue reading →