Welcome to Wawa’s Northern Lights Motel, Restaurant & Chalets. Located on the Trans Canada Highway just 10 minutes away from the town of Wawa, Wawa Lake, Lake Superior & Magpie Reservoir. 

John & I bought this Amazing property October 31, 1999. Throughout the years, we won multiple awards and were Traveller Ranked:  #1 Hotel in Wawa & #15 in all Hotels in Ontario, until we retired in 2021. 

Wawa Hotel Tripadvisor Awards

The 3 houses in the back were built for family to live in, by the original owner. When we bought it, there were tenants living year round in them. When tenants moved out, we renovated & furnished them, renting them out nightly because that generated more revenue. 

The beauty of this property is the versatility. In 2008, we happily gave the 2 Bedroom house to John’s father, Jack Parker. He loved that house & lived in it for 3 years.

Photo from 2009. 

In 2014, the house was renovated, furnished, wrap around deck constructed, and we rented it out nightly again.

The Large 3-Bedroom Houses can be lived in, rented long term or rented nightly as well. The 3 houses have 14 beds total, so depending on the number of people & the season, the price per night will vary. The 3 houses (total) can bring in $700 – $900 per night. The 5 Motel Rooms bring in more revenue… 

Airbnb would be the website to research “projected revenues” if you are making a Business Plan for the Bank. John and I semi-retired by going seasonally in 2006. We closed the Restaurant. We even got rid of the phone in 2016!  No one could phone and book anything. We loved this place, but never advertised, never paid for Booking Engines… It was a wonderful life. But we do not have “books” because we did not try to rent much as we aged. Eventually closing and retiring.

But the property was always our “Gold Mine” & “Wildlife Sanctuary”, and holds value for whomever buys it. 

House #1 - 1,270 Sq Feet
House #2 - 1,270 Sq Feet
House #3 - 570 Sq Feet
Owner's Residence (House #4)
Motel Rooms
2 Story Barn & Property