Wawa Northern Lights Restaurantย 

The Motel was built in 1964 by Doug & Mary Lock. In the late 80’s, when the Husky Truck Stop next door turned into the Ford Dealership, they turned the 6 Motel Rooms on the left, into a Restaurant. 

Motel Postcard from the 60's

The Restaurant is a great space on concrete foundation, and can be kept as a Restaurant, or it can be converted back to Motel Rooms, Living Quarters….. there are so many options.

John & I leased & operated the Restaurant for 8 years, and then closed it. We turned this room that houses the Restaurant Office & Staff Bathroom, into makeshift accommodations for friends & family. The office fit a double bed & bedside table & this room has a door to the back deck overlooking the backyard. We often considered converting this space into long-term accommodations that we could rent out, but never did, and eventually just used it for storage.

House #1
House #2
House #3
Owner's Residence
Motel Rooms
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