2 Queen Beds / 5 Piece Bath

Contactless, Self Check-ins & Self Check-outs

Our Office is closed due to Covid. Online Reservations are required, with final Financial transactions done on-line, 48 hours in advance, for Self-Check Ins/Self Check-outs. 

Our motel naturally provides social distancing with separate entrances – no hallways or corridors. The windows open, with fresh air cross ventilation.

John and I have cleaned the rooms ourselves for over 20 years. Spotless – always our goal. And now, we are happy to keep Sanitizing!

I always bragged about having Rooms Overflowing with Amenities, but now it’s all about Sanitizing. So this year, in our Rooms with 2 Queen Beds, we have removed our Book Swaps, Magazines, Extra pillows, Playing cards, Crib Boards, business cards, knickknacks, fridge magnets, Rubber Duckies, Restaurant menus, coffee mugs, bathroom spray, mints.. Some Hotels are removing alarm clocks, coffee makers, pads and pens, but I don’t believe that our guests would want us to do that. We’ll sanitize them. 

We are Seniors, and ask that if you are sick, please do not travel. There has been 0 Cases of Covid in Northern Algoma and we’d Love to keep it that way. 💕 

We do not pay Online Booking Companies & are not listed on their sites - Hotels, Booking, Trivago, Priceline, etc.

We no longer accept Pets in our Rooms & Houses. Click here for a List of Pet Friendly Hotels in Wawa. 🐶😽

  • No Pets / No Smoking
  • Park at your Door
  • Pull-Through Parking Lot with Acres of Parking
  • Free Wifi
  • HD TV with PREMIUM Satellite – FREE Movie Channels
  • Projection Alarm Clocks so everyone can see the time
  • 4 Cup Coffee Maker/Extra Coffee and Tea
  • Microwave/Refrigerator
  • Outdoor Bistro Set 
  • Hair Dryer & Amenities

2 Queen Beds and 5 Piece Bath (No Pets, 4 Guests Maximum)

Just send me an email if you want to put extra Guests in a Room. Extra Charges will apply. An Inflatable BYOB bed is available. ($25 to set up) 

Because the office is closed, please let us know if you would like Ice, wine glasses, etc., in your room. 😃 

Room 19 - 2 Double Beds, 4 Piece Bath & Backyard Deck (No Pets)

Room 19 will still have a book swap because I don’t want to take the book shelf off the wall. Room 19  is supplied with coffee mugs, wine glasses, rock glasses, dishes and cutlery. 

The side of the beds are close to the wall, so I have a 2 Guest maximum to avoid complaints. If you want to put extra guests in Room 19, just let me know. 

Northern Lights Chalet Wawa