4 Acres with 2 Story Barn & Walking trails nearby

Trail to Barn ….

The Barn was built by Dave & Lori Vandermeer. They had horses & chickens on the property. Dave ran a Minnow Business here as well. It’s 600 square feet (x2 = 1200 sq feet total)

Top Level of Barn

3 Snow Blowers (1 Large, 1 Medium & 1 Small deck blower) & Riding Lawnmower included in sale.  

Bottom Level of Barn

Views of Property – 4 Acres, from above – (Wilderness Helicopters) 

2022 New Shingles on Main Building (Restaurant, Residence, Laundry & 5 Motel Rooms). New Shingles on House #3 2021 

We loved this property – Our Wildlife Sanctuary…. 

The nearby Hiking Trail just across the highway, will take you to the Northern Lights Waterfalls (5-10 minutes hike), Spider Falls & all the way to the Magpie River (30 minutes hike).  

The Fishermen & Hunters LOVE staying here!  

Fishing The Magpie River Wawa

Sandy Beach, Lake Superior, is only 12 minutes drive –

Jessica Mathison

The Famous Wawa Goose, at the Wawa Turn-off is only 5 minutes away. 

The Wawa Goose

The town of Wawa is located on Wawa Lake. Another wonderful beach – Swim out to the raft…. 

The Northern Lights Property – such a great location for “Getting back to nature.”  Click here for more Hiking Trails nearby.

Our Wilderness Helicopter Tour

House #1
House #2
House #3
Owner's Residence
Motel Rooms