2018 Snow Gauge – Wawa ☃️

Wawa Canadian Snow Gauge, Northern Lights Motel

We've been stacking Cases since 2004  😆🍺

Canadian snow Gauge Wawa

❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❄

Wawa has TONS of snow and the trails are open. ☃

Be sure to check Trail Status, Highway Closures and Wawa Weather before heading out. 😃

I’ve been overwhelmed trying to learn SO many new programs, GIMP & GravitDesigner, so that I can put Younger-Older photos together. It’s so much fun! I made a few already. 😄 But I’m not very good at it (YET). Each person should look like they are in the EXACT same light. And I need the same pixels. Get the proper tone, white balance, temperature, etc. And I must learn how to add shadows…. I hope to have amazing “Works of Art” in a few months. 🤓 

I also bought a beautiful underwater camera and it has a million buttons with as many settings. Yikes! It’s scary! I have to learn how to use it and the new software. 😬 I hope to be posting underwater ocean pics in a few weeks! 🌊

Snow Pics – February 13, 2019

February 8
February 8
February 7
The BBQ is buried and I can't find the Hot Tub 😳
February 4 - Snow Snow Snow ☃

The railing was FILLED with Redpolls, and when I opened the window, they all flew away. Our lone Fox Sparrow named Brownie, didn’t flinch. 😎He’s a cool dude. 

We feed 6 Whiskey Jacks (Canada Jays, Gray Jays) all day long. They are nesting now, and will have babies by May. 🐣

Our Bluejays, Ravens & Hairy Woodpeckers love when we toss peanuts out the window to them. 🥜😋

Jan 27
What Trails are Open?
What's the weather like?
How are the Highways?

The sun looked nice in town behind the thick cloud cover. I knew that I had to photograph it by the goose on my way home. 😃

Wawa Goose
Jan 23

January 22 – We are working on the 3rd Case! 

Jan 22

January 21

No change in snow depths, but the cold snap is OVER. Yay!  I was sad, taking photos of frosty birds & birds breath. I even had to give the squirrels toques. 😟

Pine Grosbeak

January 18, 2019

I'm having fun with my new web design theme and ribbons. 😝

January 17 - Wawa's trail system is open.

January 15th Snow Gauges

I always liked to photograph the Snow Gauge on the 1st and 15th of each month, so that I could make comparisons. There’s no pattern. When we didn’t have snow, everyone blamed Global Warming. When the ice ages came, they blamed it on Climate Change. 😆

We remember our first winter here, 2000, the trails were closed on February 27th 😯 and never reopened.

Jan 14th - Our pet squirrel, Fernie, decided to go for a Ride in the Mountains. 😜

Chica & The Snow Gauge ❅

Why Did We Create The Canadian Snow Gauge?

Chica and the Canadian Snow Gauge

When we first bought the Motel in 1999, we were open year round, and Snowmobilers did not have information on the Internet.

Snowmobilers had to PHONE Hotels to get information on Snow, Weather and Trail Conditions.

Over the years, many guests complained to me about incorrect information they would receive from both, American and Canadian Hotel Staff. Those stories inspired me to draw this cartoon. LOL!

Mo's Snowmobile Cartoon
Beer case snow cam

This would never happen in Ontario anymore – all the open/closed Trail information is on https://trails.evouala.com/ofsc/

Even though it was the Internet Dark Ages, I knew how to run a website, and started a “Snow Cam” so the Snowmobilers could go to my website and watch the snow pile up. We showed snow depth by stacking the Canadian Snow Gauge in Wawa – 4 Beer Cases High. 😝

(It took 2 Cases of snow before the Groomers could start grooming over the Rocky Terrain.)

I photographed snow depths daily, reported trail conditions, designed Trail Maps, listed trail closures/openings, photographed the snowmobilers & put them on the Snow Cam. Their Friends and Family could see them on the Internet 😃

(Remember, way back then, before the age of Facebook, Instagram, etc., it was rare to have your photo on the internet.)

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel
Wawa Snow Gauge Northern Lights Motel

I took THOUSANDS of photos and put them on my Website’s Snow Cam.

Many have been uploaded to our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/nlmotel

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

We went Seasonal in 2005. John and I felt that being Semi Retired would be FUN! And that it is! 😃

But I continued to photograph the Snow for the dedicated Snow Watchers. 

It was difficult for Snowmobilers to understand the Snow Gauge in March, when all 4 cases were buried. So Chica showed up in 2012. She’s my height and it was easier for newbies to understand the snow depth. 

Wawa Northern Lights Snow Cam
Frosty & Chica
Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel
4 Cases are usually buried by the end of February
chica in cuba
Chica Enjoyed Cuba 😂
chica the bartender
Chica was a great Bartender 🍺
She had to check out the flood damage
Chica in the back pit

2014 – I always referred to it as the “ICE AGE”.

We buried 5 Cases 😳

Then this guy showed up in May! 

Mean Snowman

Canadian Snow Gauge Shenanigans! 😂

Wawa Northern Lights Snow Gauge Snowman
Wawa northern lights snow gauge
Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel