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December 12 Photos

DECEMBER 12, 2017 PHOTOS The forecast was for an inch of snow? We got slammed with a TON-O-SNOW! The storm closed the highway between Wawa and Batchewana. (The Highway is reopened). The Grosbeaks are celebrating because we Buried the BLUE!  It’s Party Time! 😀 Nutty and the Snow Gauge (3 Cases showing now) It’s looking like winter at the Chalets! My Whiskey Jack (Grey Jay) was looking so cute in the Mountain Ash tree. Don’t they look like little Dolphins? Oh Oh… Someone wants a Peanut.. Continue reading →

December 10 Photos

December 10, 2017 Photos The Canadian Snow Gauge is becoming very popular with the Chickadees, Goldfinches and Grosbeaks. 😀  Paul, our male Pine Grosbeak Patti, our female Pine Grosbeak Brent, a bunny that lives by the barn An action shot of Whiskey Pete The Railing is FILLED with little Goldfinches every morning In 2003, I remember making silly photos for the Snow Cam on our Website. At that time, Paris and Nicole rose to fame, starring in “A Simple Life”. So I put them in Continue reading →

Hotel Scam from Guyana

2008 Hotel Scam from a Fellow in Guyana  Motel owners constantly deal with Scams, and 10 years ago, I thought that I might be able to get this fellow arrested. (But of course, looking back at it now, I understand that no one gets arrested.) This guy from Guyana spent MANY hours on the phone with us, trying to book our whole Motel (16 Rooms & 3 Houses) for a month for his “Company” that was going to be in Wawa for business. To get Continue reading →

December 6, 2017 Photos

December 6, 2017 Some awesome Grooming Pics on Facebook from Marty in the Soo!!    The Town of Wawa looks nice and snowy. It’s starting to look like Christmas!  Wawa Lake usually never freezes over till Christmas, or after the New Year.  I had to gathered up the DEAD Snow Gauge today. I didn’t replace it yet. We did get some snow, but it was REALLY windy and drifted. I can’t say that we buried a case. Perhaps ½ a case? 4 inches?  (Remember – Continue reading →

December 5, 2017 Snow Gauge

December 5, 2017 Well folks…. It’s not a Snow Gauge anymore. It’s a WIND Gauge!! DOH! Time to stack a new snow gauge. It looks like the rain is finished for now, so hopefully a new snow gauge will last through the winter. (It usually falls over April 1st like clockwork.)    I stacked it earlier than usual because we almost buried the Golf Cart on October 28, 2017!    I don’t know what year this was – 2011? 2012? I’d have to research to Continue reading →

December 2 Photos

December 3, 2017 Wawa is in a heavy rainfall warning. Yikes! Oh oh – Someone is going in for the Gold!! 😀 I took an 8 second video of Sweetie Peetie – Our tamest Forest Squirrel Yesterday, December 2, 2017, I drove to Sault Ste Marie for a nice lunch with Mom & Pop. 😀 I leave Wawa at 8am, and then leave Sault Ste Marie by 2:30pm to get back to Wawa before dark (I always avoid driving in Moose Country at Continue reading →

December 1 – Over the Years

December 1, 2017 Snow Gauge and Old Photos – Wawa    I found this photo for December 1st Snow Gauges starting 2004 ~ (I thought I would have 2010 to 2014, but can’t find it yet.) I remember taking this in 2012 – The Canyon Cam. Every day, hundreds of cars would stop on the highway and photograph this scene. We used to say, “It gets photographed more than the Wawa Goose!”    This photo came up as a memory from Last year on Facebook. Continue reading →

Our Waterfalls – Nov 29, 2017

Northern Lights Waterfalls & Spider Falls  The small river/stream, that caused our flood damage, runs along the back of our property, enters a culvert that goes under the Highway, and then travels to the Magpie River. There are 2 Waterfalls located in between the Northern Lights Motel / Ford Dealership, and the Magpie River.  There’s hardly any snow in the forest now, so I took a walk to both waterfalls yesterday.  The Northern Lights Waterfalls is a 7 minute walk from our Office.  The Ice Formations Continue reading →

Mo’s Cartoons

Mo’s Cartoons Back in the 90’s I started my own business, Catzaz Creations – Custom Made Cartoons. I created my own website, and drew Custom cartoons for people around the world. I have hundreds of them, and might scan them and put them on the website someday, but I started drawing new Hospitality cartoons instead. 😀 We never knew that when we bought the “Northern Lights Motel”, we’d be expected to be the Northern Lights Viewing Experts. LOL Back in the years before the Internet, Continue reading →

Cottage Photos – Before and After

Our 2 Bedroom Cottage has changed a lot since we bought the Northern Lights Motel in 1999  Initially, we had a tenant in the Cottage, and when he moved out, John’s brother Steve and his wife Debbie moved in. It was wonderful to have help on the property in those early years! We couldn’t have done it without them!    In 2008, we gave John’s Dad, Jack Parker, the cottage to live in. It was awesome to have him live here for a few years. Continue reading →