Canadian Snow Gauge - Wawa ON

I’ve been running a Snow Cam on my Website since 2003! (We were open year round then, and Snowmobilers didn’t have any snow depth or Snowmobile trail information on the internet back then.)

BUT, the photos took up a lot of disc space, and I had to stop in early March.

Since then, I have freed up disc space and can add some new photos again. 😃

April 14, 2019 – It’s the DEAD of winter in Wawa, but warm temps are coming! Yahooooooooo! 😎

(10 Celsius = 50 Farenheit)

We aren't getting into the Houses anytime soon 😣

We can't get into the houses for a while
The snow was sparkling
still 3 cases buried!
Snow Gauge is 4 Cases high
November 30 Snow Gauge
We can see the top case!

Of course Nutty (Red Breasted Nuthatch) was stalking me for a peanut 😆

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