*We run fully booked in High Season, so we require advance notice to accommodate Long Term Rentals. Many times, with plenty of notice, we are able to juggle reservations to fit longer terms in. But as we near opening season,  availability becomes limited.

Vacation Rentals or Work Rentals, we have what you are looking for!Β 

We can accommodate up to 24 people. Our property has a total of 24 Beds & 3 Full Kitchens

5 Motel Rooms – 10 Beds (Fridge and Microwave)

2 Chalets – 12 Beds (Full Kitchen)

1 Cottage – 2 Beds (Full Kitchen)

We are Hospitality Award Winners and understand the different needs of all of our Guests.Β 

We are able to easily work around Shift Workers & Changes. The 2 of us have worked without Staff for a decade, and have everything down to a fine art! πŸ˜ƒΒ 

Massive Pull-Through Parking Lot with acres of parking available. Great for U-Hauls, Trailers, Big Rigs and Heavy Equipment

For longer term stays - I've tried to show cost "Per Guest" in each unit (comfortably)

Pricing in Canadian Dollars and DO NOT include TaxΒ 

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Chalet - $235 per night

1 Guest $235Β 

2 Guests $118 each

3 Guests $78 each

4 Guests $59 eachΒ 


Cottage - $160 per night

1 Guest $160

2 Guests $80 each

Room Rates Fluctuate (Higher in July & August)

1 Guest $100 – $130

2 Guests $55 – $65 each

Weekly / Monthly Rates may be available

Our Season Starts May 15th (Last day available for a long term stay would be October 15th)

If you are interested in renting the whole property, or certain units for Long periods of time, send me an email

In the Email, be sure to tell me:

          • Number of Guests
          • Dates of Stay
          • Special Requests
Award Winning Wawa Hotel