Wawa Hotel with Pull-Through Parking Lot 🚚

Big Rig Parking in Wawa / Trucker / U-Haul / Trailer Friendly accommodations in Wawa. We have a Pull-Through Parking Lot with oodles of extra parking that can accommodate Trailers / Big Rigs / Full-size tractor-trailers / U-Hauls / RV’s, etc.

Wawa Northern Lights Hotel Certificate of Excellence

All of our Accommodations are Main Floor, with Convenient parking in front of your Rooms, Cottage or Chalets.

But when Disaster Struck in 2012, we lost our Pull Through Parking lot for 5 YEARS 😢

But in September 2017, We got our Pull-Through parking lot back. Yay!

Now our property is better than EVER for anyone needing to pull through, or needing TONS of Parking!  😃

Wawa Northern Lights Motel Disaster

Early or Late Check-Ins are never a problem and easily arranged.

All Reservations are easily made online.

We are so Happy that we could Welcome our Fishermen / Movers / Truckers, etc., stay with us once again!

Hotel with Pull through parking in Wawa
We are here for you when you NEED a Pull-Through Parking Lot! 😃