Wawa Hotel with Pull-Through Parking Lot

Big Rig Parking in Wawa 

100% Trucker / U-Haul / Trailer Friendly. We are thrilled to have our Pull-Through Parking Lot back, and now with oodles of extra parking that can accommodate Trailers / Big Rigs / Full-size tractor-trailers / U-Hauls / RV’s, etc.

Wawa Northern Lights Hotel Certificate of Excellence

We lost our awesome pull through parking lot in the Disaster 2012.  We didn’t have extra parking, and without the ability to pull through the parking lot, we were no longer accessible. 😓

It took 5 long years, and our Pull-Through parking lot has been returned, now with extra parking. 😃

Wawa Northern Lights Motel Disaster

Early or Late Check-Ins are never a problem and easily arranged.

All Reservations are easily made online.

We look forward to having all of our Fishermen / Movers / Truckers, etc., stay with us once again!

Mo & John