Our Waterfalls – Nov 29, 2017

Northern Lights Waterfalls & Spider Falls 

The small river/stream, that caused our flood damage, runs along the back of our property, enters a culvert that goes under the Highway, and then travels to the Magpie River.

There are 2 Waterfalls located in between the Northern Lights Motel / Ford Dealership, and the Magpie River. 

Northern Lights Waterfalls Wawa

There’s hardly any snow in the forest now, so I took a walk to both waterfalls yesterday. 

The Northern Lights Waterfalls is a 7 minute walk from our Office. 

The Ice Formations were spectacular! 

Northern Lights Waterfalls Wawa


The Moose Tracks on the trail were so fresh that I thought for SURE I was going to be taking a photo of a Moose! John did spot a Moose crossing the highway last night, so maybe that was him?

Northern Lights Wawa Moose Track

I have a new Squirrel that lives at the Fork (Where both Waterfall trails meet), but he’s very nervous. He’s not tame like the other trained squirrels that you can toss peanuts too. He acts like the peanuts are ROCKS – thinking that you are trying to hurt him. LOL!! But I was calling him (His name is Ed – 🙂 ) and he wasn’t anywhere to be found. So I continued on my way and walked to Spider Falls. 

Spider falls is about 8 – 10 minutes away from Northern Lights Falls (depending on how much time you spend looking for pet squirrels. 😛 )

Spider Falls isn’t as much fun to photograph as the Northern Lights Falls is. You can only stand beside the falls and photograph the top or bottom. I hope to be able to cross the river someday and stand on the far side to photograph the complete falls and swimming hole.

Many years ago there used to be a Trailer Park nearby, and the children that lived there told us stories about walking a trail from the Trailer Park to this awesome swimming spot where they would bum-slide down Spider Falls into the swimming hole. 

Northern Lights Wawa Waterfalls


The 2012 Flood must have carved out the edges of this pool, making it much larger than the years when the kids used to swim in it. It’s obvious by the trees that are about to fall in. Remember, during the torrential rain, the water wasn’t just flowing through the culvert.  It was RAGING over the highway in many places! 

Northern Lights Wawa Waterfalls


The water took out the highway in several spots and was an INCREDIBLY LARGE RIVER that changed the landscape forever.

Wawa Flood Images

The Spider Falls Pool must have been full to the brim! 

Wawa Northern Lights Spider Falls

When I walked back, and arrived at the fork, Ed was in a tree, yelling at me. I was so HAPPY!! I knew that he would find me! He still wouldn’t come to me, but I emptied my pockets of peanuts where I was standing, and I know he was thrilled that the “Peanut Person” was in the forest once again. 😀 

Now that it took me 18 YEARS to find the Spider Falls Swimming Hole – I plan to buy a floaty-chair so that I can hang out and swim in the pool this summer.

Mo at Spider Falls

And of course my pet Squirrel, Ed, will be trained by then, and will join me! 

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