Waterfalls and Beaches

Wawa Ontario’s Beaches and Waterfalls

Wawa is located on Wawa Lake and has it’s own Beach Front
Northern Lights Motel Wawa's Sandy Beach photo
Nearby Sandy Beach is on Lake Superior
Northern Lights Motel's photo of Old Woman Bay
Old Woman bay is a 20 minute drive from the Northern Lights

I took this video May 2013. The Flood Gated were open and the waterfalls were raging! Montreal River Falls never seems to have water flowing throughout the year, so this was a very rare site. (Montreal River is not in Wawa. It is located 1/2 way between Wawa and Sault Ste Marie.)

Scenic High falls has washrooms available and a covered picnic area too.  🍉

Scenic High Falls Wawa Ontario
Scenic High Falls, Wawa Ontario
Scenic High Falls Wawa Ontario
Flood Gates are open and the falls are raging!

I took this video Oct 12, 2018. The water was very high!

Wawa Silver Falls Northern Lights Motel
Silver Falls Oct 12, 2018 – Photo taken from the Bridge

The Voyageur Hiking Trail goes along the Magpie River from High Falls to Silver Falls. Go ahead and take the hike!

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