The Wawa Goose

The Wawa Goose was featured in the Movie Snow Cake, starring Sigourney Weaver & Alan Rickman.

Sigourney said that everyone constantly asked, “Why did they build a big Goose for your Movie?”

To everyone’s surprise, Sigourney would answer,

“We didn’t! It’s just there!” 😂

But why you ask? Well it’s because in 1960, this was the last link of the Trans-Canada Highway to be completed. But because it by-passed the downtown core of Wawa, A Local Business Man, Al Turcott, came up with the idea of having a Huge Canada Goose Statue that would stop Highway Travellers, and invite them into town.

All 3 of our Wawa Goose Statues have welcomed millions of visitors. 

It’s the largest of its kind in Canada & one of the most photographed landmarks in North America. 

The Original Goose

My father & brother visiting the Original Goose. Mom always had her camera with her. 😃📸

Robert Hutchinson at the Wawa Goose 1961
Northern Lights Motel Original Wawa Goose

The Original Goose on an old Map

I found this at the Front Desk. The goose was so new that the ground hadn’t been landscaped yet.  😲

Brett Cunningham's Awesome Goose Photo

Be sure to check the sky for Sunset Photo opportunities with the Goose.

Brett had the nicest sky ❤️ 


Wawa Goose at Suset Northern Lights Motel

The Second Goose

The first goose was made of plaster, and was eventually replaced by this steel goose. He got a bit rusty in his old age.  

Today's Goose (Our 3rd Goose)

Shiny and New, perched on a Rock Cut

Hitchiker's Hell?

When the Trans Canada Highway opened in 1960, Hitchhiking across Canada was the cool thing to do! But over the years, Wawa became known to be the hardest place to be picked up in all of Canada. Referred to as “Hitchhikers Hell” as they could get stuck in Wawa for days. 😫

Urban Legends tell of a Hitchhiker that chatted up the waitress at the nearby diner each day and ending up staying and marrying her. While another claims that one Hitchhiker stayed so long he became mayor.😂

When Mom spotted this fellow near Sault Ste Marie, she asked him if she could take his pic, explaining that her daughter owned a Motel in Wawa. He smiled, and posed for her.

It went viral on FB, and people are still sharing it. 😆

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