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Wawa Snow Gauge (Feb -April)

The Snowmobile Trails are closing quickly! You MUST check the OFSC WEBSITE and TRAIL GUIDE before you venture on the trails. https://trails.evouala.com/ofsc/ He’s started on the second case, and getting pretty tipsy!!   Oh Oh… Somebody is drinking the Snow Gauge!   There were a THOUSAND birds in the backyard, so I recorded them. (It was CRAZY!)  Enjoy! We’ve had 3 Cases of Snow buried on March 31st many years – March 28, 2018 March 26, 2018 – We are in a Snowfall Warning for Continue reading →

Wawa Snow Gauge (Jan 11 – 31)

Still 2 Cases buried in Wawa, with amazing Trails to ride! I did a search for January 20’s, and a few old photos came up. January 24, 2013 Canyon Cam – 4 Cases Buried during the Ice Age of 2014! I forgot my Camera cord in the Soo, so I can’t take photos. But the videos are so much better than the Snow Cam! I was in Sault Ste Marie for a few days, visiting my Mom and Pop. But had to avoid the freezing Continue reading →

Wawa Snow Gauge (Dec 1 – January 4)

 26 Years ago today, January 4, 1992, we were tired of being happy… so we got married! LOL!   Here’s a collection of January 4th Photos that come up on my computer when I type in “Jan4”. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t save 20 years of digital photos under the date. I’d have a thousand pop up a day!  But a few of them were saved by date, and it’s always a surprise as to what comes up… Jan4billy – Cute Billy Continue reading →