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Wawa Snow Gauge (Feb -April)

Oh Oh… Somebody is drinking the Snow Gauge! LOL!! Going…. Going…  Gone!   There were a THOUSAND birds in the backyard, so I recorded them. (It was CRAZY!)  Enjoy! March 26, 2018 – We are in a Snowfall Warning for tonight.   March 24 – A Red Breasted Nuthatch posing for a photo. Waiting for her peanut. It’s so cold, even the little Redpolls look like Snowballs!! LOL March 20 – It’s -19 C (-2 F) Brrrrrrrrrr I’m not one for just photographing snow. Check Continue reading →

Mo’s Photos & Wawa Snow Gauge (Dec 1 – January 31)

  Still 2 Cases buried in Wawa, with amazing Trails to ride! I did a search for January 20’s, and a few old photos came up. January 24, 2013 Canyon Cam – Today’s Bird Pic – A beautiful Male Pine Grosbeak. He’ll make a great puzzle on Jigidi.com! January 12, 2018 – We got tons of snow yesterday, but it very windy and blew away from the Snow Gauge. I tried to fill it in a bit.  Jan 11 – 3 PM Snow Snow Snow!  Continue reading →

Lake Superior Photos

Most of my photos end up on my Facebook Page, but when I started running the winter Snow Cam, I was making blog posts…. When we close the Motel for the Season, I LOVE driving to Sault Ste Marie to visit my wonderful family and friends. Driving through Lake Superior Park is a dream in summers. I try to swim in every bay possible. In Winters, it’s like driving through a beautiful Christmas Card. I always tell people about when I lived out West for Continue reading →