2012 Disaster 😳

October 27, 2012 Wawa was Declared a Disaster

We lost 12 of our 16 rooms – We were Downsized by Mother Nature. We thank everyone for the Support over the years!

Motel Underwater
Our 10 Room Motel Unit was under water
This photo made it into "CTV's Top Canadian Photos of 2012"
Don't Worry. We were closed for the Season. No one went down the river. 😆

The Trans Canada Highway was closed for 1 Week as they rebuilt it. There was no Detour. 😳

No one thought our Business would reopen. They did not rebuild our entrance. 😢

This sight from the highway was photographed more than the Goose!

December 15 Canyon Cam Wawa Northern Lights

It took 5 long years to get our entrance back...

Wawa Disaster Northern Lights Motel

Even though the property is a Gravel Mess now, we are still so happy to be OPEN! We Survived!

We sincerely Thank all the people that helped us through our difficult time. 💕


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