Stop the Spray Canada !

Stop the Spray Canada
  • Join us in our fight to BAN the use of Chemical Herbicides in Forestry. 
  • Spraying poison from helicopters on clearcuts in order to kill off natural deciduous regrowth, is cheaper than paying workers to thin tress on the ground. 
  • Just because it’s CHEAP to spray Poison on the Forests, doesn’t make it Right! 
  • In 2001, Quebec banned Chemical Herbicides in Forestry, due to Human and Environmental Health Concerns. (Quebec, Saskatchewan & Cape Breton do not use Chemical Herbicides in Forestry.)
  • Timber Corporations and Governments must PRIORITIZE Human & Environmental Health over Corporate Profits.

We are spreading awareness and SUPPORT IS GROWING! I'll update the map the 1st of every month ~

Stop the Spray Map

Provincial Officials can END THIS ECOCIDE at any time. Greenpeace joined Ontario in their fight to Stop the Spray ~

CBC gets a failing grade for the latest headline, marginalizing the Spray issue to a Green issue when it is Non-Partisan. Also for failing to seek comments from Stop Spraying New Brunswick, the LARGEST Advocacy Group on Spraying, representing over 35,000 petition signees & 18,000 Followers.
For 6 YEARS, Stop Spraying New Brunswick has made Spraying a prominent election issue, FORCING the Government to address the Poisoning of the forests, and they presented at the Glyphosate Committee Hearings as well. But no mention of them??Ā šŸ¤”Ā EPIC FAIL CBC!

Gerry Leblanc