Stop the Spray Canada !

Stop the Spray National Coalition
  • Join us in our fight to BAN the use of Chemical Herbicides in Forestry.Ā 
  • Spraying Herbicide from helicopters on clearcuts in order to kill off natural deciduous regrowth, is cheaper than paying workers to thin trees on the ground. (Just because it’s CHEAP, doesn’t make it right!)
  • In 2001, Quebec banned Chemical Herbicides in Forestry, due to Human and Environmental Health Concerns. (Quebec, Saskatchewan & Cape Breton do not use Chemical Herbicides in Forestry.)
  • It’s time that Timber Corporations and Governments PRIORITIZE Human & Environmental Health over Corporate Profits.
Paul Palmeter - Nova Scotia Spray

We are spreading awareness and SUPPORT IS GROWING!

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Provincial Officials can END THIS ECOCIDE at any time. Greenpeace joined Ontario in their fight to Stop the Spray ~

CBC gets a failing grade for the latest headline, marginalizing the Spray issue to a Green issue when it is Non-Partisan. Also for failing to seek comments from Stop Spraying New Brunswick, the LARGEST Advocacy Group on Spraying, representing over 35,000 petition signees & 18,000 Followers.
For 6 YEARS, Stop Spraying New Brunswick has made Spraying a prominent election issue, FORCING the Government to address Herbicide use in Forestry, and they presented at the Glyphosate Committee Hearings as well. But no mention of them??Ā šŸ¤”Ā EPIC FAIL CBC!

Gerry Leblanc

Help us by joining a Facebook Group or Page, Sign the Petitions, Write to your MLA & keep raising awareness to this Non-Essential, but toxic, Forestry Practice. All Provincial and National links are below -