Wawa Snow Gauge (Feb 1 – Feb 28)

February 13th pics

Winter 2001

Lynne and Eric

John, Jerry and Anne


February 10 – the snow is piling up! I made sure to take the pic before brushing it off to feed the birds. There are SO many birds waiting for me, on the power lines and in the trees….  It’s like an Alfred Hitchcock movie! lol

February 10, 2018

February 10, 2013 – Chica with Pumpkin!

Old February 8 Photos – Look at the old Goose – 2003! It wasn’t even rusted yet.

February 8, 2007

February 8, 2014

February 8, 2013


Signs Signs Signs – With our location, we were always putting up new signs and printing maps. Then the Loggers would move in and we needed more signs, and new maps… At least we had Nicole to help! lol

February 7 – we received about 6 inches of fresh snow last night. We are working on the 3rd case now!

February 7, 2018

February 7, 2018 Action shot (I know… I’m Bird Crazy!)

Some fun photos came up on the February search ~ (We miss you ALL!)

February 7 Photo Northern Lights Motel



I made it into the Memory Photos!! 😀


February 4 Photo Northern Lights Motel


And John (on the right with the ponytail) made it into the Memory Photos too!! Look how brown his hair is!! 😀

February 7 Northern Lights Motel


I’ve been having a great time working on an extensive HIKING TRAIL PAGE

And I made my Girlfriend a website – Foot Care Nurse Sault Ste Marie Ontario

February 6 – No change in snow depths. I saw little Doris in the Mountain Ash tree, and had to photograph her just now… Prettiest Eyelashes ever!

It’s February 1st! Still 2 Cases of snow buried

Canadian Snow Gauge Northern Lights Motel Wawa

The trails here are green!

Ontario Trail Map Feb 1, 2018

In 2005, we put the 5th case of beer on the snow gauge. I remember we called it “The Bad Luck Bud” because it never snowed again. (Like 4 cases of snow aren’t enough for riding? lol!)

Wawa Snow Gauge

Only 1 Case buried in 2007. The trails would not have been opened –

Wawa February 1 Snow Gauge 2007

Wawa Snow Gauge Feb 1, 2008

Northern Lights Motel Canyon Cam Feb 1, 2013 Wawa