Snow Gauge 2017 ⛄️

Some random photos of last year’s snow, videos and memories from my old computer  –

Wawa Northern Lights Motel & Chalets

There were a THOUSAND birds in the backyard, so I recorded them. (It was CRAZY!)  Enjoy!

March 20, 2018 Northern Lights Chalets Wawa
March 20 – It’s -19 C (-2 F) Brrrrrrrrrr

March 7th – I got a new chip from Mexico, and I had to update our Casino Chip Collection 😃

March 6, 2018 – Still 3 Cases buried! (I took the 5th case off the snow gauge.)

It was always difficult explaining snow depths in March. That is why I made Chica in 2012. Chica is my height, and people could see how deep the snow would be on me.

Today’s walk in the Forest – Peanut was being Camera Shy…

Oh my…. Forget about burying Beer Cases! We almost buried the HOT TUB!! I’ll be shovelling ALL DAY. Oh I miss Mexico! lol!!
I have returned from my Mexican Adventure! Feb 23 – 4 Cases Buried!

February 8 Memory –

February 8, 2013
Canadian Snow Gauge Northern Lights Motel Wawa
It’s February 1st! Still 2 Cases of snow buried

Northern Lights Motel Canyon Cam Feb 1, 2013 Wawa

Snow Gauge Wawa
January 1, 2018 Northern Lights

December 1, 2017 Snow Gauge Wawa
December 1, 2017