Wawa Goose Northern Lights Motel

Our Location 🚘

1014 Highway 17 – On the Trans Canada Highway, 8 kms (5 Miles) West of the Turn off to Wawa


Northern Lights Motel Location Wawa


Great grounds at Wawa Hotel
Enjoy John’s Backyard!

We have 4 acres of wonderful wildlife that LOVE unsalted peanuts. You might be able to hand-feed our Chickadees, Squirrels and Chipmunks. Our backyard is all yours, with a trail to our barn & Henson Road.

Typical walk in the Forest – Peanut was being Camera Shy…

We have a huge pile of Wawa Area Core Samples from past Diamond Exploration. People LOVE them – Help Yourself!

Core Samples – July 2017
Northern Lights Motel and Chalet Core Samples
Bring Peanuts if you are going to check out Core Samples! 😁The Telephone Pole is a Flood souvenir. No one ever came to get it, so we embrace it. ❤️

Would you like to see the Northern Lights? 

Check out this website to check the activity level in the area. If you get a clear night, you might get lucky!

Northern Lights Forecast


Hotel Motel Cartoon

On your way to Scenic High Falls, be sure to stop in at the Algoma Hildands Wild Blueberry Farm and Winery.

Algoma Highlands Wild Blueberry Farm
Algoma Highlands Wild Blueberry Products

They sell – Wild Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Blueberry Syrup, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Jalopeno Jam, Blueberry/Strawberry Butter….
I LOVE their Wild Blueberry Moose Radish!!
Here’s a link to their products and Gift Packages. http://algomahighlands.com/products/

Are you an Adrenaline Junkie? Visit Gord and Russ at  Jones Power Sports 

Jones Power Sports, Wawa

When you drive through Northern Ontario, build your own Inukshuk! (Pronounced In-ook-shook) They are stone monuments erected in the image of humans. One of their purposes was to communicate direction in the harsh and desolate Arctic. They were a tool for survival, and symbolic of the unselfish acts of a nomadic people – the Inuit – who built them as signposts to make the way easier and safer for those who followed.

Northern Lights Motel Inukshuk
Prettiest painted Inukshuk I had ever seen!

Provincial Parks / Wawa Area Information / Links

The drive from Sault Ste Marie to Wawa, through Lake Superior Provincial Park, has such spectacular views, this drive is rated as one of Canada’s TOP 10 Drives.

Alona Bay Lake Superior
Alona Bay – Lake Superior
Here I am swimming in Superior, Old Woman Bay on Sept 26, 2015!! (The water has finally warmed up. LOL)

Here is a map, showing you our favourite “quick” stops while driving  through Lake Superior Park

Northern Lights Motel Wawa Lake Superior Park Map

Lake Superior Park –  2018 FEES   www.lakesuperiorpark.ca 

Daily Vehicle Permit  $14.50/vehicle  May 5 – Oct 22
 0 – 2 hours  $5.25/vehicle  May 5 – Oct 22
 2 – 4 hours  $7.50/vehicle  May 5 – Oct 22
 Summer Vehicle Permit  $125.00/vehicle  May 5 – Oct 22
Mo at Sinclair Cove Lake Superior Park
Autumn 2010 – Here I am overlooking Sinclair Cove Lake Superior Park (Pictographs Boat Launch)
Mo in Sinclair Cove Sept 24, 2017
Here I am swimming in Sinclair Cove (Agawa Pictographs Boat Launch) on September 24, 2017

Lake Superior Park is a Piece of Heaven! Spend a few days with us, and drive into the park for a different Hiking/Swimming adventure each day. Click here for my Hiking Page

Potholes Provincial Park is 52 minutes away, towards Chapleau on Highway 101.

Potholes Provincial Park Northern Lights Motel
I’m looking down a Pothole (made by swirling rocks in the water), Potholes Provincial Park

Check out the Wawa Webcams – Views of Lake Superior, Wawa Lake and a view from the Wawa Goose.

Is golfing your thing? Wawa has a 9 hole golf course – 6 minutes away from the Northern Lights Motel. Visit their website ~ www.golfwawa.com

Want to see Wawa from Above? You can rent a Helicopter http://www.wildernesshelicopters.com/tourism.php

Do you have a boat and want to fish? The Magpie Reservoir is 8 Miles away and has a boat launch and spectacular Walleye & Northern Pike fishing.  Youngs General Store and Wawa’s Beach Front Trading Post have live bait & tackle – All your fishing needs.

 Our friend, Rick Dickson, is an Outfitter and his clients LOVE staying in our Chalets.

I drew this for our group of Bear Hunters staying in Chalet 1, August 2001 😀

Bear Hunters Northern Lights Motel

How about a Fly-In, or Train-In Fishing Lodge? Check out Mar Mac Lodge

or Pine Portage Lodge.

Just email us if you have any questions. We are here to help!  Mo & John