Lake Superior Photos

  • Most of my photos end up on my Facebook Page, but when I started running the winter Snow Cam, I was making blog posts….

Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior Park, Dec 16, 2017

When we close the Motel for the Season, I LOVE driving to Sault Ste Marie to visit my wonderful family and friends. Driving through Lake Superior Park is a dream in summers. I try to swim in every bay possible. In Winters, it’s like driving through a beautiful Christmas Card. I always tell people about when I lived out West for 20 years, each time that I drove across the country, tears would run down my cheeks once I hit Lake Superior Park and Old Woman Bay. Sure, it could have been from the fact that I just drove 30 hours myself (lol), but I remember the feeling, once I saw that cliff and spectacular view, I always asked myself “Why don’t I live here?” Fast forward to today….  Lake Superior Park is my backyard and I couldn’t be happier!

December 30 – Driving back to Wawa, I had to stop at Alona Bay Lookout. It’s a convenient look-out, beside the highway. In summers, you can find your way down to the shore to look for Worry Stones! (Just Google “Black Worry Stones”) They are small, round, smooth dark black stones. There is better parking for shore access, on the north side of the river – Just a bit north of the Look-Out.

Alona Bay

Alona Bay

December 16 – On my way to Sault Ste Marie. Lake Superior was very steamy. It was cold, but a Fisherman just pulled in and was going fishing.  They fish for Rainbow Trout in Old Woman Bay.


Old Woman Bay – Dec 16


Old Woman Bay – Dec 16


Katherine Cove Dec 16

Katherine Cove, Dec 16

December 17, 2017 – It was a gloomy day, so I didn’t take many photos. But I had to stop at the Mamainse Causeway to photograph this cute island & noticed the ice forming on the wires…

December 3, 2017

I took an 8 second video of Sweetie Peetie – Our tamest Forest Squirrel

December 2, 2017, I drove to Sault Ste Marie for a nice lunch with Mom & Pop. 😀 I leave Wawa at 8am, and then leave Sault Ste Marie by 2:30pm to get back to Wawa before dark (I always avoid driving in Moose Country at night). The sun popped out from the clouds, so I stopped at Cold Water Bay, in Lake Superior Park, and took a walk to the beach.

There wasn’t any snow to be found… The path was beautiful

Coldwater Bay December 2, 2017

Moss everywhere! I will try to get there again in sunshine, before the snow falls.

Coldwater Bay December 2, 2017

Goldwater Bay December 2, 2017

Coldwater Bay December 2, 2017

Coldwater Bay / Beach

Coldwater Bay December 2, 2017

Coldwater Bay December 2, 2017

I stopped again at Old Woman Bay.

I was shocked to see the Old Woman River has been taking out more of the Parking Lot, and now, the beach in front of the parking lot is a sand cliff. Wow! The beach is changing immensely!

Old Woman Bay Dec 2, 2017


Old Woman Bay December 2, 2107

I’ll be sure to head back for some nicer Sunny photos, and hopefully, more Sunset pics. In the summer, the sun sets far to the west, and the photos aren’t too spectacular. But this time of year is a great time for sunset photos. Here’s a favourite of mine that I took 2 years ago.

Old Woman Bay Sunset Wawa

For Information on Lake Superior Park – Visit their Website