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December 2019 – I’m going to combine my photos and draw cartoons, in hopes of designing a Children’s Picture Book. 📕🤓

So now I must get back into cartooning, and figure out a cute story. (With fun animal/bird tidbits – Did you know Baby Squirrels are called Kittens?) 

The book is titled, “MY FRIENDS IN WAWA”, and will be narrated by our Squirrel, Peetie. Here’s Peetie and his friend Pickle, at Sandy Beach 😃

Summer 2019 - I decided to use up some extra frames that I had kicking around and made some Rock art.

February 2019 - Younger-Older photos 😃

May 2018 - I came across the cutest Moose Droppings in the forest 😆

I knew that they were Craft Worthy! I gave away 100 Moose Fridge Magnets… 

In 1993 I started my own Custom Made Cartoon Business

I drew hundreds of Cartoons for people around the World

Mo's Business Cards Custom Cartoons
Catzaz Creations
1997 - My friends, Tom (Born to Fish), Teres & their daughter Nikki (The Dog hated ice fishing)
1993 - Chef John cooking up a storm

Once we bought the Motel in 1999, there wasn’t any time to continue with the Custom-Made-Cartoon business.  But our Rooms and Houses have some Cartoons on the walls. I’ve managed to make a few cartoons over the years…

Hotel Motel Cartoon
Bear Hunters Northern Lights Motel
2001 - Bear Hunters at Chalet 1
Mo's Sunday Hotel Cartoon

Every Motel Owner's Self Portrait 😅

hotel cartoon late check in

Crazy Hotel Scam from a Fellow in Guyana - 2008

Motel owners constantly deal with Scams, and 10 years ago, I thought that I might be able to get this fellow arrested. (But of course, looking back at it now, I understand that no one gets arrested.)

This guy from Guyana spent MANY hours on the phone with us, trying to book our whole Motel (16 Rooms & 3 Houses) for a month for his “Company” that was going to be in Wawa for business. We knew it was a scam, so we told him that it would cost $75,500.

The guy agreed and mailed us this cheque….

When we received the cheque, we gave it to the Wawa Police, but they had no use for it. They were just relieved that we did not get scammed.

The fellow phoned and asked us if we received, deposited, and if the cheque cleared. (A lot of people don’t realize that the bank will put this amount into your Account without the cheque clearing! Seriously… If Banks stopped doing this, many scams would no longer exist.)

To play along, we told the fellow that we received the cheque and that the Bank cleared it! Yay!

He was happy.

The next day, he phoned to cancel his reservation (Of course), and he wanted us to wire back all the money except for a few thousand that we could keep. How nice of him!!

So the gig was up, we laughed. I told the guy that we didn’t fall for his silly scam, and OH BOY….he was PISSED!! Screaming and Yelling at me….. threatening to SEND THE ROBBERS TO WAWA TO KILL US!!! Explaining that he knew who we were and where we lived because everything is on our Website.

I told him to tell the Robbers to bring LOTS of Bug Spray because it was Black-Fly season. 😂

I did feel the need to report this to a Canadian Anti-Fraud centre, and explained that the fellow threatened us. The funniest ending to the story was that the fellow at the Canadian Anti-Fraud centre said,

“You do not have to worry. No one is travelling to Wawa to hurt you…”

and added…

“I’ve BEEN to Wawa.” 

Free Breakfast Cartoon

Need Some Furniture?

In 2000, two young fellows driving a U-Haul, asked if they could see a room. (In the early years, without Online Reviews, many people asked to check the rooms first to make sure they were clean). I happily handed them a key, as I clean the rooms myself, and I was confident that they would stay.

After looking at the room, they came back to the office and said that they would take the Room. They filled out the Registration Card & paid Cash.

In the morning, we went to clean the room, opened the door, and the room was EMPTY. Everything was gone including my beautiful new beds. The Motel was full that evening, but they backed up the U-Haul to the door, and emptied Room 28, without anyone noticing.

We couldn’t believe it! Before this, the only thing anyone stole were the towels. We looked around, we were surprised that they left the towels and had showered?  John said, “Well yah. They must have been pretty sweaty after moving all that furniture!” LOL!

We shook our heads when we realized that they weren’t checking to see if the Room was clean – They were only checking to see if the furniture and beds were worth stealing. 😆 

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