Hiking Lake Superior Park, Wawa & Potholes Park

Northern Lights Motel and Chalets - Hiking

We are surrounded with Hiking Trails, Spectacular Swimming, Fishing lakes, rivers & reservoirs….. 

Top 25 Trails in Lake Superior Park. 

Photos on Facebook of our Orphan Lake Hike

My cartoon of Hillary & Brett – The Agawa Pictographs Trail 

Mo's Custom Cartoon - Hillary and Brett

Incredible Lake Superior Beaches nearby. Sandy Beach - 15 minutes away 😎

Jessica Mathison

Wawa's Scenic High Falls & Silver Falls

Scenic High Falls is a 12 Minute Drive from Northern Lights Motel

Park your vehicle at High Falls (There are washrooms & a covered picnic area). Hike the Voyageur Trail along the Magpie River to Silver Falls. Moderate Difficulty. Some difficult climbs. 2 hour return.

Scenic High Falls
Scenic High Falls Wawa Ontario
Silver Falls
Wawa Silver Falls Northern Lights Motel

Potholes Park - On Highway 101 (Towards Chapleau)

42 Minutes Drive from Northern Lights Motel

No Fees. There are Restrooms. Easy, short, walking trail with boardwalks and interpretive signs takes you through distinctive bedrock scenery including “potholes” formed by glacial erosion, and boulders swirling in pools. Beautiful boreal forest along the Kinniwabi River.  0.5 km (0.3 mi) loop - ½ Hour 


Fishing The Magpie River Wawa