Northern Lights Waterfalls - a 5 - 10 minutes hike from the Motel.

10 minutes further, is Spider Falls and a great spot to swim or fish. Spring fed & pretty cold! I'm swimming with my niece Rylee.

10 minutes further, the trail ends at the Magpie River - (about ½ hour away from the Motel)

Hiking Lake Superior Park

Nokomis Trail Hike, August 2021 - Overlooking Old Woman Bay. I'm with my niece Hillary in this photo.

Maureen & Hillary - Nokomis Trail

Top 25 Trails in Lake Superior Park. 

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My cartoon of Hillary & Brett - The Agawa Pictographs Trail ~

Mo's Custom Cartoon - Hillary and Brett

I don’t fish…… I hike and swim. But we have many guests that come here to fish the Magpie Reservoir.

Fishing The Magpie River Wawa