Wawa Disaster – Northern Lights Motel

Wawa Disaster – October 2012

October 2012 Disaster
This photo made it into the 2012’s Top 100 Canadian News Photos 

I took a photo of our newest (10 Room) Building in the above picture, when it was underwater

Motel Underwater

CRAZY Video footage from above – CBC’s video footage of the Disaster

News Articles about the Disaster ~ Sault Star -“Highway Like a River”

The Wawa Sinkhole  (It wasn’t a sinkhole)

Don’t worry folks – We were closed for the season and no one drowned. 4 Motel rooms & our Home were built on high ground and escaped damage.

Northern Lights Motel after Disaster

We lost 12 of our 16 Rooms and were closed for almost a year. The 10 Room building below was without access for months. Nothing was salvageable.

Northern Lights Disaster Wawa


Wawa Northern Lights Disaster


Arial view of the rebuilding of the Highway

Rebuilding the Highway


Elected Officials said they would help, but we have yet to receive help from our Government

wawa flood promise

The Massive Land Loss was approved for Disaster Relief.

Land Loss


But dealing with 2 Government entities, The Ministry of Transportation & Ontario Disaster Relief, has been a VERY Long and Painful process. (We all know how Painful it can be to deal with ONE Government entity. lol)

We wait patiently in hopes that they fix the culvert, END flooding issues, replace our entrance and help fix the destroyed property. But this process takes many years. The 3rd anniversary of the flood is coming up soon!

This was our 2nd entrance. We would LOVE to get rid of this Visual Pollution in front of our Business,  but this is out of our control.
Northern Lights Waterfalls

On the bright side – We do have a new waterfall??


Wawa Flood Years Later

Yes, the culvert still sits here in 2015! Nothing says Hospitality like a RUSTY CULVERT!

I managed to get the nicest Autumn photos of the “PIT” last Fall ~

Wawa Disaster Northern Lights Motel

The Open Pit


The PIT has never looked better!

Morphing this Business is nothing new to us. It has been an ongoing job for the last 16 years. We are surrounded by closed down & boarded up Hotels. Business Owners MUST MORPH to survive in Rural Northern Ontario.

We aren’t quitters… We are survivors!

Always remember folks…

Life is Short - Don't sweat the small stuff

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