Wawa Disaster – Northern Lights Motel

Wawa Disaster – October 2012

YouTube Video of the Breaking News 

I took a photo of our newest (10 Room) Building  was underwater. The barn and both chalets were underwater (set in a lake), as the highway acted like a DAM. The water eventually busted through the highway, and turned into a raging river. I had to call 911 and tell them they had to close the highway.

Motel Underwater


Photo Gallery (It wasn’t a sinkhole, but I guess with such a huge loss of land, everyone thought it was)

Disaster Northern Lights Motel Wawa

Luckily we were closed for the season when it happened. Whew!

The Trans Canada Highway was closed for 1 Week. Without a Detour, it caused all sorts of panic. 

Northern Lights Disaster Wawa

Northern Lights Motel Wawa


We lost 3/4’s of the Business (12 Rooms – the average size of a Mom & Pop Motel), and were closed for almost a year. 


Elected Officials declared Wawa a Disaster and said they would help.

wawa flood promise

We were approved for Disaster Relief & raising money began March 22, 2013. The Ontario Government was matching donations 3 to 1.

Wawa Disaster Relief Northern Lights Motel Photo

We thank EVERYONE that donated on our behalf!

But we have yet to receive help from Disaster Relief. 

(Dealing with 2 Government Entities, The Ministry of Transportation, and Ontario Disaster Relief, has been an extremely long and painful process.) 

4 years after the flood, 2016 –  AECON was replacing culverts on the highway and needed a place to put fill. Yahoooooo! Just when you think that the property will be destroyed forever…. it gets filled! 

Northern Lights Motel Disaster

Northern Lights Disaster

Northern Lights Motel Wawa

We hope that someday we will get our Entrance Back & have a Pull-Through Parking lot again. 

We thank everyone for all of your support over the years!

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