December 6, 2017 Photos

December 6, 2017

Some awesome Grooming Pics on Facebook from Marty in the Soo!! 


The Town of Wawa looks nice and snowy. It’s starting to look like Christmas! 

Wawa Lake usually never freezes over till Christmas, or after the New Year. 

December 6 Wawa Lake

I had to gathered up the DEAD Snow Gauge today. I didn’t replace it yet. We did get some snow, but it was REALLY windy and drifted. I can’t say that we buried a case. Perhaps ½ a case? 4 inches? 

(Remember – Rule of thumb with the Snow Gauge is that it takes approximately 2 Cases of snow, plus a LOT of cold weather, for the Wawa Groomers to go out. This is because our trail system is not on ROADS. The trail system crosses swamps, lakes and is on the rocky Canadian Sheild.) 


Today’s Visitors 

Old Dec 6 Snow Gauge photos 

Oh, this one made me laugh! It’s so old – perhaps 2003? I am not even sure which cat it is. Maybe it’s Scooty? We always had to serve Triple XXX in the Bar for the Snowmobilers. 😀 But once we closed for winter, we never had our XXX Snow Gauge again. (1 Case buried this year.) 

My guess for this gauge is 2009 (One case buried for this year too.) 

Northern Lights Motel Wawa Snow

This one is close to the snow we have right now – December 7, 2011 (High Heels and ½ a case buried. lol!)