December 5, 2017 Snow Gauge

December 5, 2017

Well folks…. It’s not a Snow Gauge anymore. It’s a WIND Gauge!! DOH!

Time to stack a new snow gauge. It looks like the rain is finished for now, so hopefully a new snow gauge will last through the winter. (It usually falls over April 1st like clockwork.) 

December 5 Snow Gauge Wawa


I stacked it earlier than usual because we almost buried the Golf Cart on October 28, 2017! 

Wawa Snow October 28, 2017


I don’t know what year this was – 2011? 2012? I’d have to research to find out which year the “ULTRA” was part of the snow gauge.

It’s a BLIZZARD out there!! I’m sure the highways will be closing soon.

This little fellow doesn’t seem to mind. 

Northern Lights Motel Wawa

I’m shocked that the blizzard doesn’t seem to bother all the Chickadees. They are waiting for the Peanut-Hand to stick out the window. Mo's Chickadee photo


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