December 1 – Over the Years

December 1, 2017 Snow Gauge and Old Photos – Wawa 

December 1, 2017 Snow Gauge Wawa


I found this photo for December 1st Snow Gauges starting 2004 ~ (I thought I would have 2010 to 2014, but can’t find it yet.)

December 1 Snow Gauge Wawa

I remember taking this in 2012 – The Canyon Cam. Every day, hundreds of cars would stop on the highway and photograph this scene. We used to say, “It gets photographed more than the Wawa Goose!” 


This photo came up as a memory from Last year on Facebook. Northern Lights Waterfalls Dec 1, 2016. 1 year ago ~

Northern Lights Waterfalls Wawa

Oh fun!! Memories of old Signage for the Snowmobilers. 😀 

Wawa Northern Lights Signage

Northern Lights Signage

Northern Lights Trail Signage Wawa


An old Advertisement we had on a Snowmobile Map

Wawa Northern Lights Ad

Oh – the Party Room and Hot Tub!! So many great times! 

Northern Lights Motel Memories

I started the Snow Cam on my Website in 2002 and enjoyed photographing all of our partying guests & putting them on our website. Oh, fun memories of the days when no one had a million pics of themselves on the internet. lol! 

Northern Lights Wawa Memories

Frosty and Chica – 5 Years ago 

Wawa Northern Lights Snow Cam