Chica and the Canadian Snow Gauge – Wawa Ontario 

Chica and the Canadian Snow Gauge

In the Early Snowmobiling Years, Snowmobilers did not have information on the internet. Our riders came from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Southern Ontario. They desperately needed info on the snow depths and trails.

Because I knew how to run a website back then, we decided to run a “Snow Cam” for all of our sledding guests. They could watch the snow pile up on our website. We showed snow depth by stacking the Canadian Snow Gauge in Wawa – 4 Beer Cases High. 

Beer case snow cam

Snow Gauge 2002

I photographed snow depths daily, reported trail conditions, designed Trail Maps, listed trail closures/openings, photographed the snowmobilers & put them on the Snow Cam. Remember, back then, before the age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it was fun and cool having your photo on the internet.

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

I took thousands of photos – (Many have been uploaded to our Facebook Page)


Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

I loved making silly photos, and adding jokes to the Snow Cam. (Do you remember when Paris and Nicole were today’s Kardashians?)

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

Back in 2004, we discovered the first Spiderhole, while John was under the Cottage, fixing frozen pipes!

first spider hole

Running the Snow Cam was SO MUCH FUN! Even though we went seasonal in 2005, I continued to run the Snow Cam for the dedicated Snow Watchers.

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

In 2012, I moved the Snow Cam off of my Website and onto Facebook

Chica showed up in 2011 to help us measure snow. Frosty would come by every once in a while too. (Frosty had a crush on Chica)

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

The 4 Cases are usually buried by the end of February.

Wawa snow gauge northern lights motel

 We never buried 5 cases until 2014

Wawa Snow Gauge Northern Lights Motel

Chica was always so much fun to hang out with… She would join us in Cuba..

chica in cuba

And she was a GREAT Bartender..

chica the bartender

Chica was very concerned about our property damage after the disaster, and had to check it out.



But 2014’s winter was so BRUTAL, a mean snowman came and ate Chica’s baby! Oh no!

Mean Snowman

Chica Ran away and someone spotted her on the Magpie Reservoir, paddling toward Dubreuilville…

chica in the canoe

She found a new fellow at the Magpie Relay Hotel  and has decided to stay! 🙂

Chica at the Magpie

Enjoy Dubreuilville Chica! We will miss you!

With Chica gone, I no longer bury the beer cases and photograph snow depths. Instead I photograph the wildlife and post them on Facebook and Jigidi.  I even made a few videos for YouTube.

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