Lake Superior Photos

When we close the Motel for the Season, I LOVE driving to Sault Ste Marie to visit my wonderful family and friends. Driving through Lake Superior Park is a dream in summers. I try to swim in every bay possible. In Winters, it’s like driving through a beautiful Christmas Card. I always tell people about when I lived out West for 20 years, each time that I drove across the country, tears would run down my cheeks once I hit Lake Superior Park and Old Continue reading →

Our Waterfalls – Nov 29, 2017

Northern Lights Waterfalls & Spider Falls  With our Rural location, we are blessed to have a small river/stream that runs along the back of our property, then crosses under the Highway, and travels into the Magpie River. There are 2 Waterfalls located in between the Northern Lights Motel / Ford Dealership, and the Magpie River. They are a short walk/hike from the Motel.  The Northern Lights Waterfalls is a 7 minute walk from our Office.  November 30th – The Ice Formations were spectacular!    The Continue reading →