Mo’s Cartoons

Mo’s Cartoons

Back in the 90’s I started my own business, Catzaz Creations – Custom Made Cartoons. I created my own website, and drew Custom cartoons for people around the world. I have hundreds of them, and might scan them and put them on the website someday, but I started drawing new Hospitality cartoons instead. 😀

We never knew that when we bought the “Northern Lights Motel”, we’d be expected to be the Northern Lights Viewing Experts. LOL

Hotel Motel Cartoon

Back in the years before the Internet, Snowmobilers had to Phone Hotels to find out what the Snowmobiling was like. My Guests would complain all the time and tell me about the “Bum Steers” that they would get from many Northern Michigan/Ontario Hotels.

That was the reason I drew this Cartoon, but even though I thought it was Hilarious, the Snowmobilers didn’t laugh at it.

Oh well…. Sometimes I draw just for my own pleasure. LOL

Mo's Snowmobile Cartoon

In the first year owning the Motel, we did leave the “Vacancy” sign on, and allowed people to door-bell us out of bed. But they never wanted to pay full price for the room? Needless to say, we no longer keep the vacancy sign up when we go to bed.

hotel cartoon late check in

Oh… I love the way this cartoon turned out!!

Mo's Sunday Hotel Cartoon


And everybody knows this person. LOL!

Free Breakfast Cartoon