Before and After Photos

Finally!! September 2017 – It took 5 years before I could make a Proper Before and After Photo of the Motel Rooms! 

Wawa Disaster Northern Lights Motel


Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves when we think about having our Entrance back!! After the Flood, the MTO didn’t rebuild our entrance. The damage to the land was so great. The fill that was needed was incredible! 

It took 1 Week to reopen the Highway – 

Wawa Disaster

The culvert was overwhelmed (As were all the culverts around Wawa), and every highway was closed. Wawa was an island. The MTO worked around the clock to get all the highways fixed, but this was the worst and took 1 week to reopen. 

Wawa Flood Images

When we purchased the Northern Lights Motel in 1999, all 3 Houses were rented monthly with year round Tenants

Northern Lights Chalet Wawa

When the tenants eventually moved out, we started renovations. We remember a Home Building Centre delivery, where the driver asked John what he was planning to do with the supplies. John explained to him that we were renovating the Chalets. His jaw dropped to the ground and he gasped “OH MY GOD! WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT?” He believed they should be bulldozed. lol

(More before and after photos to come)

When our tenant moved out of the cottage, John’s brother Steve and his wife Debbie moved in. It was wonderful to have help on the property in those early years! We couldn’t have survived without them! Steve renovated the inside of the cottage, and in 2008, we gave John’s Dad, Jack Parker, the cottage to live in. It was awesome to have him live here for a few years. He was crazy about gardening, and always had his deck filled with plants and flowers. 


When Jack passed away in 2010, the cottage sat empty for a couple of years. But the cottage is on High Ground, and didn’t get damaged in the 2012 Flood.  In 2013, it was time to RENOVATE the Cottage. After all, we lost 12 of our 16 Rooms and desperately needed more rental units. 

Cottage Cabin Wawa

Cottage 2017

There are numerous before and after photos over the years, but these are the current photos, with the best “before” pics that match. 

2002 – 2016

2013 – 2017




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