John and I (Mo) have a Combined 86 YEARS working in the Hospitality Business. That makes us feel VERY OLD. 😆

We LOVE the Hospitality Business (It’s not for everyone), and have received Awards over the years ~

  • American Express Hospitality Award
  • Alberta’s Gold Key Hospitality Award
  • Multiple Tripadvisor Awards for Best Bargain and Excellence

Wawa Motel Tripadvisor Awards

Wawa Northern Lights Hotel Certificate of Excellence

Our First Travelers’ Choice Award was Very Exciting! 

Shirley Mills Wrote a nice Article about it ~

Northern Lights Motel Award

It inspired me to paint our own Billboards –

Mo Painting Billboards
Mo – 2010
I painted 2 HUGE Highway Billboards too 😯
Mo's Northern Lights Motel Billboard
October 2012 – We always had put Closed for the Season Signs up on both Billboards. But many times we forgot to take them down after we opened. lol!

After losing 3/4’s of our Business (12 of our 16 Rooms) in the 2012 Disaster, we felt that it was time to say Good-bye to the Billboards, and we reverted the Breakfast Room into our 5th Motel Room.

Northern Lights Motel Billboard Wawa

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