We Love the Hospitality Business!

John and I have a Combined 86 YEARS working in Hospitality! Yes, that makes us feel very OLD 😆

Thanks to our AWESOME Guests, we’ve received many Tripadvisor Awards over the years.

We were very excited when we won our first Tripadvisor Award in 2010. Shirley Mills wrote a nice article about it.

That Award inspired me to paint our own Billboards -

2 Huge Highway Billboards -

Mo's Northern Lights Motel Billboard

After losing 3/4’s of our Business (12 of our 16 Rooms) in the 2012 Disaster, we said Good-Bye to Billboards and Breakfast.

We turned the Breakfast Room into a much needed 5th Room.

We have breakfast menus for all the Restaurants nearby and thank you for supporting our local Businesses. 💕

Northern Lights Motel Billboard Wawa
Shopping Basket