October 2012 – Wawa Disaster

Wawa Disaster – October 2012

October 2012 Disaster
This photo made it into the 2012’s Top 100 Canadian News Photos

Here’s a Cool Video footage from above – CBC’s video footage of the Disaster 

News Articles about the Disaster ~ Sault Star -“Highway Like a River”

The Wawa Sinkhole   (It wasn’t a sinkhole, but it did kind of look like one?)

 LOL@my cartoon~ 

Wawa Hotel Disaster

Don’t worry folks – We were closed for the season and no one drowned. 4 Motel rooms & our Home were built on high ground and escaped damage.  We always count our blessings.

Wawa Hotel Rooms
We lost 12 of our 16 Rooms.

The massive land loss was approved for Disaster Relief.  But we are dealing with The Ministry of Transportation AND Ontario Disaster Relief. It’s been a very long and painful 2.5 years. (We all know how painful it can be to deal with ONE Government entity. lol)

We still have hope. The MTO said they want to rebuild our entrance, and put an END to future flooding by redesigning culvert / drainage systems. Yay! But nothing has happened yet. We wait patiently. Ontario Disaster Relief waits for the MTO as well.

This was our 2nd entrance. We hope to have a pull-through parking lot again someday. But this is out of our control.

 After the Wawa Flood, we started renovating EVERYTHING that we could, saving our Business and making our new “Mini Motel” AWESOME! (We are still renovating.)

As businesses in Northern Ontario, board up at an alarming rate, John and I have always understood the NEED to morph this business to keep it open & successful. This is nothing new for us, we’ve been through SO many changes. Mother Nature is kind of a pussy compared to what the Government has been doing to Northern Ontario Businesses for the past 15 years. lol

Always remember folks…

Life is Short - Don't sweat the small stuff

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