John Parker & Maureen (Mo) Hutchinson-Parker 

We’ve worked together for 35 Years in Hospitality & have been married for 25 years…

Time flies when you are having fun!

Mo and John

John and Mo 1985

 We open for our 18th Season on May 15, 2017. Online Reservations have Saved our Souls. The Booking Platform is like having our own reservation office. It keeps track of pricing, room inventory, never allows a double booking, and sends automatic email confirmations. It’s Amazing! 

We are Proud recipients of numerous Hospitality Awards over the years 

  •  American Express Hospitality Award
  • Alberta’s Gold Key Hospitality Award
  • Multiple Tripadvisor Awards for Best Bargain and Excellence 

Northern Lights Motel wawa Awards

Northern Lights Motel Wawa

It’s been almost 5 years since the 2012 Disaster destroyed our business. Mother Nature DOWNSIZED us to 5 rooms instead of 16. We couldn’t rebuild because the land went Bye-Bye.  So we completely renovated all that was left. We LOVE our new “Mini Motel” and hope you do too!

Northern Lights Motel Wawa

A little about us ~ John was born in Lethbridge, Alberta & raised in Toronto. I was born & raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. In 1982, we met at the Convention Inn Hotel, Edmonton, AB. (Now the Delta Inn South). I worked at the Top of the Inn Dining Room for 20 years. John, the Executive Chef of the Hotel worked there for 16 years. Oh how we LOVE and MISS that Hotel & everyone that worked with us.  

John & Mo – Top of the Inn, Edmonton 1989



John, the Executive Chef, in front of the Convention Inn 1995

When we moved from Edmonton to Regina in 1997, the Top of the Inn Diningroom staff gave us an AWESOME going away present (Of course it hangs in our Motel Office). The Top of the Inn Dining Room closed shortly after we left. It’s now a Banquet Room. 🙁

Top of the Inn

Top of the Inn Dining Room Staff

Through the 80’s and 90’s, we lived for Travelling and Gambling. We drove through 46 States and 9 Provinces, collecting Casino Chips along the way. Some Chips were FREE, some cost us a FORTUNE. lol!


Playing Blackjack with John was so much fun, that I thought it’d be great to learn how to deal Blackjack for Klondike Days each summer.

Mo Klondike Days Dealer

We were tired of being happy, so we got married in 1992. 😛 

Mo & John's Wedding

In 1999, we moved back to Ontario to be closer to our families. We enjoyed the Hospitality Industry so much that we decided to “GO ALL IN” and buy the Northern Lights Motel. Our BIGGEST Gamble Ever!

Mo and John

Don’t you love the beautiful No Vacancy sign I made? (too funny!)

We have had a wonderful time running this Business over the years. We ran it year round in the beginning, and we created the “Canadian Snow Gauge” 4 Beer Cases High, in 2003, Years before Social Media and Facebook. We ran the Snow Cam for 13 years!

Wawa Snow Gauge Northern Lights Motel

We almost buried an unheard of, SIX CASES in 2014 (The ICE AGE of Winters)

One time, while going to photograph Black Trout Lake’s ice for the Snowmobilers, we hit Black Ice and slammed into a Rock Cut head on…. was Airborne, then crashed onto the middle of the highway! Yes, we were still smiling because we were unhurt and ALIVE!

Mo and John's crazy adventures

It’s been such an interesting ride in Wawa (Pardon the Pun) – John became quite the handyman and I tried my hand at painting billboards. We were thrilled to have won this award back in 2010.

Mo Painting Billboards

Shirley Mills Wrote a nice story about us ~ 

Northern Lights Motel Award

After the loss of 12 Rooms in the Disaster, we never thought that we would reach “Review Quotas” for Awards again. But our Guests are amazing and posted a lot of great reviews.  We won Best Bargain 2015 and an Excellence award in 2015 & 2016! A big Thank-you to all of our Wonderful Guests that gave us such nice Reviews! It means the world to us. 🙂

Wawa Hotel Rooms

After 13 years, I stopped photographing snow depths & ice on the lakes. I prefer to spend time photographing wildlife. I post them on our FACEBOOK page. Staples made us a 2’x3′ canvas print of a photo I took, March 1, 2016, beside Chalet 2. A gorgeous visitor, a coyote we named Penelope. 

She is now dons Chalet 2’s kitchen. 

Newly renovated Chalet Kitchen


In 2015, I made a couple of videos YouTube Channel

Wawa Northern Lights YouTube

With so many adorable visitors, making movies is a real treat!

September 2016, I have a NEW OBSESSION! I make puzzles out of my pics on www.jigidi.com

My handle is nlmotel

Foxy Brown


Our Business has been through many changes over the past 17 years in Wawa. We’ve always accepted our challenges and have never been daunted by them. We continually morph with the times, and figure out how we are going to make this place the best that we can. 

The Flood destroyed 3/4’s of our Business & closed it for a year. The Disaster made the National News and the Trans Canada Highway was closed for a week while they rebuilt it.

Northern Lights Motel Wawa Disaster

At that time, no one thought our business could be saved, so the Ministry of Transportation did not rebuild our entrance. 🙁  But our home and a few rooms were undamaged, so we simply played the hand that we were dealt. With 12 less Rooms (The equivalent of other “Mom & Pop” Motels), there is less for us to clean and we have more time to feed birds, squirrels and go swimming! 

We look forward to having you stay with us in our 18th Season.    Mo & John 

Wawa Flood Disaster Northern Lights Motel

Northern Lights Motel Youtube Channel

Northern Lights Motel Snow Gauge

Northern Lights Motel Facebook Page

Mo and John's Chip Collection