John Gary Parker & Maureen Hutchinson - Parker

We have a combined 90 YEARS working in the Hospitality Industry! 😮

I was born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. John  – born in Lethbridge AB, raised in Toronto area. 

Oilers Fans – 1984

John and Maureen

New Motel Owners – 1999

Maureen and John Parker

Time for Blackjack! Bay Mills Casino 2018

20 Years Old – we met at Convention Inn Hotel (now Delta Edmonton South), Edmonton, AB.

I worked there for 20 Years, and John, the Executive Chef, worked there 16 Years.

40 Years Old – We bought “Wawa’s Northern Lights Motel & Restaurant”

1999 – Motel, Restaurant, a Hot Tub Room & the 3 Houses had year-round tenants living in them. (We renovated & furnished all 3 houses for nightly rentals.)

Fun times! I knew how to design a website, and ran the daily “Snow Cam”.

Remember – This was YEARS before Facebook & Instagram.  Our Guests liked having their photos on the Internet so their friends and family could see them. 😃 Everyone enjoyed watching the snow pile up on the Canadian Snow Gauge (4 stacked beer cases).

Snowmobile – Hot Tub – Restaurant Photos on Facebook

45 Years Old – Time to SEMI RETIRE!  We went seasonal. Closing for Winter. Transformed the Party Room into a Breakfast Room. 

2008 – We moved John’s Dad from Elliot Lake and gave him the Cottage to live in. 💕

50 Years Old – We closed the Restaurant & changed our name to “Northern Lights Motel & Breakfast”. I used the Restaurant space to try my hand at Painting New Billboards.  

When DISASTER struck in 2012, we Morphed once again!

Downsized by Mother Nature. Rebuilding wasn’t an option without LAND. So we completely renovated all the houses, all the Rooms, and turned the Breakfast Room into an awesome new Motel Room.

(That Room went from Hot Tub Room to Party Room to Breakfast Room to Room 19)

Breakfast Room to Motel Room

We’ve had a BLAST transforming this property – Before & After pics (I have a thousand. 😆)

Wawa Chalet Rentals

60 Years Old now. 😳  I’ve worked in Hospitality for 43 YEARS. John – 47 YEARS! 😯

We busted our butts for decades and saved for Retirement!  

Time to SHORTEN the season again and EASE the workload for our Old Age. 👵🏻 🧓🏻 (We’d LOVE a Summer Vacation for the first time in 22 years 😎)

We’ve played Blackjack together for 35 years. We’ve driven through 46 States & 9 Provinces collecting Casino Chips from over 250 Casinos.

When we were open Year Round in the early 2000’s. My dear Mom & Dad would take care of the Motel for us and we’d get to drive all over the continent and add to our collection! Thank you Dad, Mom, Aunt Wanda & Uncle George 💕

Happy Hour at the Northern Lights Motel

After 21 YEARS of designing this website… Most photos are on Facebook. Here’s some random pics, Cartoons, Craziness… 

It’s been an awesome adventure! Special thanks to all of our guests! 💕

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