John Parker & Maureen Hutchinson - Parker


We’ve been working in the HospitalityπŸ’• Industry for a combined 90 YEARS!

We do not have Staff and do everything ourselves. (We tried hiring the wildlife to clean for us, but Moose hooves scratch the bathtubs and Bears are too furry. πŸ˜†)

We live here year round. Our property is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Guests say that it’s like a Fairy Tale, with friendly birds, squirrels, chipmunks & rabbits.Β 

I post tons of photos on Facebook.Β 

Here’s an 8 second video of Sweetie Peetie – Our oldest, tamest Forest Squirrel ❀️

The Swish Barrel is located behind the Motel. It's ALWAYS filled with Birds! πŸ’•

We met in our 20's, bought the Motel when we were 40, and now we are 60! 😯

1984 - Wild for the Oilers - Edmonton Alberta
Mo and John
Summer 2000 - Canadian Entrepreneurs - Wawa Ontario
2018 - Always having fun - Bay Mills Casino Michigan

We’ve spent the past 20 years creating a “Different” kind of Motel experience for our Guests. Decorated with my cartoons & photographs, Ken & Sierra Reece’s photographs and paintings by Rose Quigley & Helen Hutchinson.

Overflowing with Amenities, from Lip Balm to Mouthwash, Ear Plugs to Rubber Duckies… We even have a Book Swap in every Room & House πŸ“šπŸ€“

We NEVER wanted to own a Crappy, Boring, Motel. What fun is that?


We enjoy Renovation Season! This year I’ve stained over 300 planks and we installed new feature walls in all of the Motel Rooms. πŸ’•Β 

Wawa Northern Lights Motel Rooms

I’ve created countless Amenity Holders over the years. But 2 years ago, they stopped selling individually wrapped Q-Tips. I thought of taking down all my Moose plaques, but instead, I personally packaged the Q-Tips myself! (Yes, I’m THAT CRAZY about Amenities! πŸ˜†)

Mo's Amenity Desk

Oct 26, 2012 - We lost 3/4's of our Business & the Business was closed for a Year.

It took 5 LONG YEARS to get our entrance back. Rebuilding was never an option without LAND.😳 But we are SURVIVORS and love our Mini Motel! πŸ’• We thank all of our Amazing Guests that continued to support us through the difficult time. 😘


I had a Custom Made Cartoon Website in the 90’s, so when we bought the Motel, I knew how to design a website.Β  We had the only Motel website back then, and were easily found on the internet.Β Β 

But now the BIG Booking Companies have BILLIONS and own Online Reservations and all Search Engines. We do not pay them to be listed.Β 

I run our own Secure Booking Platform. It’s the ONLY way people can reserve a Room or Chalet here.Β 

We used to be listed on Trivago as #1 in Wawa, but now, if you DO NOT PAY, you do not get listed.Β 

Know that Tripadvisor’s DEFAULT PAGE is “Best Value” and ranks the Hotels that PAY, highest on the list. (They do not have prices from Hotels that do not pay). We are ranked Tops in “Traveller Ranked”

Traveller Ranked Wawa Hotels
Wawa Northern Lights Motel - #1 in Wawa

We’ve won many awards over the years. Shirley Mills wrote a nice article about our first Tripadvisor award in 2010. πŸ’•

Maureen and John Northern Lights Motel
Award Winning Wawa Hotel

That award inspired me to paint our own Billboards. πŸ˜ƒ

It's been a Wild Ride - once, we hit black ice and rammed head on into a rock cut. 😳
We were smiling in the photo because we were unhurt and still alive! πŸ˜ƒ (Truck was a write-off)

How We Met

I grew up in Sault Ste Marie, ON, John grew up in the Toronto area. We both moved to Edmonton, and met in 1982 at the Convention Inn Hotel (Now the Delta Inn South). I worked at the Top of the Inn Dining Room for 20 Years. John, the Executive Chef of the Hotel worked there for 16 Years. What an amazing time that was! ❀️ 

In 1999, we moved back to Ontario to be closer to our families. (My parents live in Sault Ste Marie, and John’s parents retired in Elliot Lake). We were open Year Round for the first 5 years 1999-2005. We were BLESSED to have my Mom & Dad take care of the Motel for us twice a year. We were able to continue travelling and add to our Casino Chip Collection.Β 

Happy Hour at the Northern Lights Motel
Bob, Helen, Wanda & George Hutchinson. Happy Hour at Chalet 2 πŸ˜ƒ

We've been stacking the Canadian Snow Gauge and measuring Snow in Wawa since 2003 β›„οΈπŸΊβ„οΈ

In the early Snowmobiling years, there wasn’t Snow or Trail information on the Internet. So I had all the info and ran the “Snow Cam” on my Website for decades.

We LOVE Travelling together. πŸš— We’ve driven through 46 States, and 9 Provinces – Collecting Ca$ino Chip$.Β 

We look forward to having you stay with us in our 21st Season.Β 

Mo & John
xxoo πŸ’•

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