John Parker & Maureen Hutchinson Parker

We’ve driven through 46 States & 9 Provinces, collecting Casino Chips (250 Casinos so far). Some chips were Free, and some cost a Fortune! 🤣

We met in our 20's. Bought the Motel when we were 40. Now we are 60! 😯

1984 - Wild for the Oilers - Edmonton Alberta
Mo and John
Summer 2000 - Canadian Entrepreneurs - Wawa Ontario
2018 - Always having fun - Bay Mills Casino Michigan

We live here year round and LOVE our Wildlife Sanctuary. . 

I post tons of photos on Facebook

Here’s Sweetie Peetie – Our tamest Forest Squirrel ❤️

The Swish Barrel is located behind the Motel. It's ALWAYS filled with Birds! 💕

We've been through so many changes in 20 Years.

Covid is bound to make us change again.

But the flood of 2012 was a big change too....

We lost 3/4's of our Business & the Business was closed for a Year.

It took 5 LONG YEARS to get our entrance back. Rebuilding was never an option without LAND.😳 But we are SURVIVORS! 💕 We thank all of our Amazing Guests for their continued support.. 😘

Life is Short.... Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

How We Met

I’m from Sault Ste Marie, ON, John from Toronto. We met in Edmonton in 1982 at the Convention Inn Hotel. (Delta Inn South). I worked at the Top of the Inn Dining Room for 20 Years. John, the Executive Chef worked there for 16 Years.  ❤️ 

In 1999, we moved back to Ontario to be closer to our families. 2000 – 2005, Mom & Dad took care of the Motel for us twice a year. We were able to continue travelling and add to our Casino Chip Collection. 

Happy Hour at the Northern Lights Motel
Bob, Helen, Wanda & George Hutchinson. Happy Hour at Chalet 2 😃

Stacking the Canadian Snow Gauge since 2003 ⛄️🍺❄️

In the early Snowmobiling years, there wasn’t Snow or Trail information on the Internet. I’ve stacked the Canadian Snow Gauge 4 cases high, and ran a Snow Cam on my Website for decades.

This year, a cute fox showed up and posed beside the snow gauge.

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