October 27, 2012 Wawa was Declared a Disaster!

Wow! It was devastating! 

Thankfully, we were Closed for the Season when the Torrential Rains overwhelmed all the culverts in the area. 

When John heard the water roaring down the highway like a RIVER, he ran to see it, and a Car hit the water like a brick wall! The car barely made it through before the highway started crumbling. 

We quickly called 911 and told them they must close the highway.

I grabbed the camera when we saw our 10 Rooms underwater 😳

Motel Underwater

The next morning – 

CTV News

This Photo was in the Top 10 Photos for Canada 2012

My belief is that without a sense of humour… You got nothin! 😆

I had to draw this cartoon after the flood. 

The Trans Canada Highway was closed for 1 Week as they rebuilt it. There was no Detour. 😳

This sight from the highway was photographed more than the Goose that winter!

Northern Lights Wawa disaster
Wawa Disaster Northern Lights Motel

Time to morph the Business again! We renovated all the Rooms and houses. Turned the Breakfast Room into an awesome Motel Room. Built wrap-around decks everywhere. The Pump house was rebuilt with a State of the Art Water System… 

We thank everyone for all their support. Especially Aecon for filling the pit! Yay! Only then, did our entrance get rebuilt, 5 years after the flood.

Always remember…. “Life is Short. Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

John and Mo Northern Lights Motel Disaster
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